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19-year-old asexual female college student. Brunette, applied scientist, math and physics geek, AMURRICAN. Has too many feelings about fictional characters and television shows. If you'd like to call me something, I'm Star.

Majority fandom blog, with the current obsession being undecided and the current OTP being Destiel. You may encounter the occasional Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Torchwood, Homestuck, Hetalia, Harry Potter, Buffy, Avengers, Roosterteeth, cat gif, attractive male or female celebrity, or stupid funny post. All fandoms and ships welcome. Most bloggers welcome, too, fandom or not; don't for any reason be afraid to say hi.

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skills i have mastered

  • not texting back
  • procrastinating
  • painting my nails like a blind pre-schooler
  • sleeping a lot
  • being single


ppl who think that saying “I love you” to someone a lot makes it lose it’s meaning are so boring literally what could make you think that? if someone tells you they love you like 3 times in an hour it means that 3 separate times they were sitting there and thinking about you and how wonderful you are like. smh. say I love you to everyone that you love as often as possible bc sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are people who love you


Ally tip: learn to recognize the difference between a censored queer romance (i.e. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time) and queerbaiting (i.e. BBC Sherlock and Supernatural)



if pugs were pokemon, they would evolve into boxers.

I mean

come on


those faces

Would that mean Bullmastiffs are it’s final evolution?


I mean





Everyone who has ever owned a cat knows exactly this feeling, right here. It’s like the cat thinks that if they go slow enough you won’t noticed. But you do. And you are DONE.

(Source: lolgifs.net)